Innisfree Virtual Consultation


What is Innisfree Virtual Consultation?

A: Innisfree Virtual Consultation is a free online service to cater to your skincare, body care and haircare needs by giving Expert advice on the products and the regime to deliver solutions with the clean & healthy beauty that we believe in.

Q: What is the mode of consultation?

A: The primary mode of consultation is a Zoom/G-meet conversation with our Beauty Expert. You will receive the details and confirmation through e-mail.

Q: How to connect on the Zoom/G-meet call?

A: Download the application and enter the details shared over e-mail or SMS to connect for the Virtual Consultation.

Q: How long will the interaction be for?

A: It will be a 20 to 30-minute-long interaction, depending on the concerns.

Q: Is the availability of the slots flexible?

A: As per the Expert’s availability, consultation will be given. You can book the slot according to your preferred time and date. However, it can be rescheduled or cancelled anytime.

Q: What languages can the interaction be done in?

A: Our Beauty Experts are fluent in Hindi and English.

Q: How do I book myself a follow-up consultation?

A: You can follow the same 3-step process to book yourself a follow-up interaction or mail us at

Q: How do I get the product recommendation list?

A: Post your interaction with Innisfree beauty expert you will receive personalised products recommendation via an email.